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A professional online education service available nationwide for adults and juveniles by Offender Solutions®.


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Here's How it Works

The Student clicks on the " Register Now " button located on this screen.

Pick a Class
Create an account (Name, email, username and password.
Make payment (PayPal or Visa) (You do NOT need to create a PayPal account)
Begins the class.

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Our online classes are100% completely online and 100% self-paced. Our classes are offered by the reputable Offender Solutions® series of online classes and were developed by specialists in their field, credentialed by over 30 years experience and a Masters in Counseling Psychology degree. Our online classes can be taken on your timelines in the comfort of your own home.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Stop and start any time you want. Support 7 days a week.


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We make it convenient!

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We make it easy!

Checkbox Efficient - No need to miss work or school

Checkbox No travel time and no travel costs

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Offender Solutions® - the premier provider of online offender Classes!

Is a school, court or probation officer requiring you to take a class? We offer a variety of 100% online classes. Yes, our classes are accepted across the nation and, that's right -nothing to download and your free Certificate of Completion is immediately available upon completion!

Don't want to sit in a group of other people and be forced to "make confessions"? Take your class online - on your timelines. Our classes are designed to be easy, informative, self paced, convenient and, of great importance - affordable. 100% online, no lectures and no judgments.

Our goal is to provide honest and accurate information to our class participants. Offender Solutions® programs were designed by Masters level counselors and practitioners with over 30 years experience in the fields of probation and parole. When we say no lectures and no judgments, we mean it! Though most people take our classes as an online class, if you don't have access to a computer, or simply prefer, we also offer our classes in workbook format. You can choose the online class or the workbook class - not both.

Better Business Bureau:

Offender Solutions® is no longer a member of BBB, however, our "A"rating is available HERE .

Less Expensive

One low fee, no added fees. Our online classes set an industry standard as the nation's premier provider of online offender and prevention education classes. We offer real value, great prices, high quality and meaningful information.

We have NO hidden fees

Pay for your class online with VISA or PayPal after you register or you can mail us a check or money order.

Rest assured you will be getting a really good price! We do not charge extra for your Completion Certificate or for a "delivery fee". You pay for your class, complete your class, obtain your Completion Certificate - no added, and no hidden, fees.

Why Our Online Class?

Nationwide Acceptance
Much less expensive
Immediate proof of enrollment
Nothing to download
No delays - Start NOW
Support 7 days a week
Work at your pace
Start and stop any time
No appointment necessary
Use home computer OR
Use school or public library OR
Use Smart phone or Tablet
Easy to understand
Green - No driving, no gas, no emissions
A world class learning experience
User friendly
Free Certificate of Completion
Certificate immediately available
Money back guarantee
** also available as a workbook

Your Completion Certificate

YES, your Certificate of Completion will be immediately available.

Each chapter of our classes is activated upon completion of the previous one. Once the last chapter has been completed the Certificate of Completion is activated and immediately available for you. Most people simply print their own certificate but, if you want an embossed Certificate, no problem, no charge- just ask!

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